What’s the Difference Between Vintage, Classic and Enthusiast Cars?

If you’re in the market for a car that has stood the test of time, you’re probably looking at vintage, classic and enthusiast cars. While these categories may seem interchangeable, they each define a distinctive range of cars. Let’s take a look at what sets them apart to help you figure out which fleet of cars most takes your fancy.

Vintage Cars
Generally speaking, vintage dates back about 45 years or more - in other words, built during the 70s. They are kept in good running condition, with their original features and parts. Vintage cars do not depreciate in value, and their vintage value is not lost if the design or engine are modified and altered. Therefore, this category includes custom and exotic cars, and yet there’s still more to them.
Antique cars can be included under the umbrella of vintage cars. These are cars that were typically produced just after horse-drawn carriages leading up to the 1930s. These cars demonstrate the technological development that cars have historically undergone. It is important that these types of cars are in their original form and have not undergone modifications.

Classic Cars
Classic cars are collectibles and could refer to cars that are usually between 20 and 40 years old. While the definition is loosely applied, these cars often hold some historical significance which makes them worthy of restoration. These are worthy of preservation and were built with enduring quality and distinction. As such, they are highly sought after. Classic cars are kept in good running condition with the original parts, without having undergone alterations or modifications.

Enthusiast Cars
Enthusiast cars are varied since the automotive world has a number of different car enthusiasts. A car enthusiast will have in-depth knowledge of cars and while they may not have a car, if they did, they would meticulously care for it. Enthusiast cars include ones that date back decades and new arrivals to the market.

It doesn’t take much to get their engine revving so to speak. Since these types of people love cars, they take a particular liking to certain models and brands. Some may like cars that are good on the open road, others prefer cars for the track, getting under the hood, the appearance alone, the exotic models, the off-road adventurers, and the customizers who prefer to customize their cars. Cars that fit into this all-encompassing category, whether new or old, classify as enthusiast cars. To put it plainly, they may hold either historical or cultural significance, and/or have outstanding aesthetics, driving experiences, or engineering that sets their performance apart.

Which One is Right for You?
Now that we’ve defined vintage, classic and enthusiast cars, you can narrow down which car cars and auction sites to look at. At CBC we’ve got all three, bringing together all sorts of car fanatics in the UAE and GCC. Ready to explore? Your dream is but a bid away.